ULTRA T80 2018 ルール Rules
































・Paddlers must get to the goal within 12 hours

・Every paddlers must have their ground crew support.

・Ground crew should watch their paddlers safety and location with the GPS system during the whole race period.

・Ground crew can supply food and drinks to padders

・Ground crew may not  touch paddle nor board during the race

・Paddlers of 2nd timers can participate without ground crew, unsupported style.

・Inflatable SUP board only

・Every padder must wear PFD, Helmet , water shoes (or foot protection)

・Paddlers can take off their helmets at the point where they judge it is no longer required

・For the use of leash cord,leave it to paddlers judgement

・Paddlers must have cell phone in water proof case with them during the race

・Paddlers ,please carry some money , credit card, ID, medical info with you just in case

・No limitation of the length or width of the SUP board

・No motorized power, wind ,sail are allowed . please paddle and run

・Prone paddle, sitting paddle, standing paddle are all legal in this race

・Single blade paddle only, No double blades

・Portage every dam and gate. if you are not sure, please portage. You can portage as many as you want.

・River is for everyone. Please be aware of fisherman and other recreational people and respect them. Be out of the way of the fisherman.

・The Reaper paddler comes in the speed of maximum cutoff time

・Paddlers caught by the reaper  paddler must quit the race and get out of the river.

・Be visible when it is dark in the night.

・Use the same board from the start to the goal

・Paddlers can quit the race anytime they want.that case ground crew pick up the paddlers and inform to the race organizer immediately .

・Please follow the organizers instruction at any time

・All the paddlers and ground crews should understand there are serious risks involved in this endeavor.Good judgement must dictate when it is time to rest.All team members(paddlers and support personnel) will enter this race at their own risk and will not hold this event’s organizers,officials, and sponsors liable for a accidents to personnel or damage to ay property.

・needless to say,,,no litter on and around river


feel free to question to info@cabbo.jp

This race is new and still in the trial process.There are possibilities that rules will be change,thank you for your uderstanding and support.